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32 anti-angiogenesis foods & science


Blood vessels, literally the lifelines in our bodies, are essential to delivering the nutrients our organs need to survive. A term commonly referred to as angiogenesis. But angiogenesis also has a deadly side effect: they can also feed cancerous growths.

Treatments for halting the growth of cancer-feeding blood vessels could be key to treating tumors. This term is known as anti-angiogenesis or angiogenesis inhibitor.

Please have rushed to identify beneficial foods in our diet. The Angiogenesis Foundation has listed 32 Dietary sources of naturally-occurring anti-angiogenic substances.


There is also aggressive on-going scientific research to identify anti-angiogenesis compounds for cancer treatment. Product such as Geldanamycin, 17-AAG, 17-DMAG, Radicicol,

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Herbimycin A, Mizoribine. A.G. Scientific's success with a combination of fermentation & synthesis has allowed us to build a catalog of over 160 antibiotics, many with promising anti-cancer potential.  Click below for our Comprehensive Antibiotic E-Guide.


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