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Welcome to AG Scientific, Inc., the leading provider of innovative biochemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials. Our mission is to discover, develop and provide biochemical raw materials to Accelerate Scientific Discovery.

A.G. Scientific research biochemical supplier to the life science marketplace

AG Scientific’s products advance scientists efforts in making life improving discoveries at academic, research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world.

AG Scientific aids researchers in the fields of Disease Research, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Cancer Research, Cell Biology, Drug Discovery, Agricultural Biotechnology and Animal Health.

AG Scientific has two facilities with the goal of providing unsurpassed customer service. The east coast office is focused on servicing the needs of AG Scientific research scientists & diagnostic manufacturing partners in Europe & Eastern North America.


The head quarters, warehouse & laboratory are located in the bioetech center of San Diego, California. Our offices operate from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). To talk directly with our customer service staff, phone us at 858.452.9925 (877.452.9925 toll free within the U.S.), or fax 858.452.9926. Email enquiries may be forwarded to

San Diego Corporate Headquarters



AG Scientific specializes in the areas of fermentation and complex organic synthesis, offering a vast array of products with production runs ranging from 1 g to 200 KG. AG Scientific realizes the importance and worldwide impact of our customer’s discoveries.


cycloheximide packaging Bulk PackagingPrivate Labeling Services of Cycloheximide at San Diego Facility.
Proteinase k, Proteinase K enzyme is used for the isolation of clean and native genomic DNA and RNA in order to guarantee PCR based detection. Bulk PackagingPrivate Labeling Services of Proteinase K at San Diego Facility.



This research demands the highest quality products. We are fully committed to delivering that quality at every level of our corporation. This commitment is demonstrated in our San Diego Facility having an ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation.



AG Scientific products are sold through a highly trained sales force, catalog distribution, a network of distributors worldwide, and our proprietary e-commerce platform. This unique blend of traditional and innovative marketing resources provides a direct price advantage and efficient delivery to over 50 industrialized countries in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, & South America.

We also provide our products to many leading catalog suppliers in the Biotechnical Reagent marketplace via private label and OEM (original equipment manufacturing) programs.

AG Scientific full private packaging & labeling
services offered at San Diego facility.



The Salk Institute facility, La Jolla, CA


San Diego also boasts some of the country’s finest biotechnology research and education at institutions such as University of California at San Diego, San Diego State University, and University of San Diego. San Diego is one of the nation’s leading research locations and in previous years has been awarded the third largest dollar amount of health research funding in the country, behind Boston and New York.

AG Scientific, Inc. is centralized amidst the biotechnology hotbed of San Diego. A wealth of biotechnology industry has grown from research and education in the San Diego Area, and the area now boasts the third largest concentration of biotechnology companies in the world, behind Boston and the Bay Area. San Diego Public & private firms include: The Salk InstituteScripps Research Institute, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research InstituteLife Technologies, BDBiosciences, Illumina, AmylinGen-Probe, Biosite aka Alere, Ligand, Burn Institute...