At AG Scientific, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support . Whether you are a new or existing customer, it is our policy to return & act on your call the same day of receiving your inquiry.

Our Corporate Pledge:

AG Scientific, Inc. will handle your projects with integrity & privacy. We will listen to your requirements and be responsive to your needs. Comprehensive customer service & accountability at all phases of your project is our promise.

We will employ the highest quality standards to ensure the utmost accuracy. We value you as our customer and we will work until your needs are met. This is our pledge to you.

Sincerely, Chip Lindgren, CEO & Founder, AG Scientific, Inc.



If you have questions or concerns regarding a mail, fax, phone, Internet or e-mail order, and would like to speak with someone directly, call us toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at 1-877-452-9925, or worldwide at (+) 858-452-9925. You can also email us at

If you're looking to develop a private label or order in bulk, our highly dedicated customer support staff is here to promptly address your needs. Please note custom requirements often require 24-48 hours to gather all your specifics. We look forward to hearing from you and demonstrating our efficient, professional response.

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  • AG Scientific Packaging Services video in Biological Safety Cabinet at San Diego facility.


biological buffer bought & shipped internationallyBiological Buffers packaged & shipped internationally.

sds sodium dodecyl sulfate biological detergent used in proteomic protein purification studiesSDS, sodium dodecyl sulfate, biological detergent supplied in bulk quantities as a dust free form and can be packaged & shipped internationally.

PROTEINASE KProteinase K is used for the isolation of clean and native genomic DNA and RNA. Offfered in bulk & catalog quantities. Experienced private labeling services available at USA facility.

g418.sulfate selection antibiotic packagingG-418 Sulfate, gene selection antibiotic. Above custom packaging, labeling & shipping services performed at USA facility.

Hygromycin B M.S.D.S resized 163Material Safety Data Sheet provided with each delivery.