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Stem Cell Heart Failure Treatment Advances

stem cell under low oxygen, stem cell treatment, cardio stemcell
Stem cells grown under low oxygen. These stem cells from Stemedica are licensed to Cardio Cell. - Stemedica

CardioCell, a San Diego stem cell company, has started a Phase 2a trial of its treatment for chronic heart failure.

World's largest genetic sequencing center in San Diego

world largest genetic sequencing center

La Jolla researcher J. Craig Venter is opening the largest genetic sequencing center in the world, the latest chapter of his historic, lifelong quest to identify the genes that affect people’s ability to live long, healthy lives.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Completes Acquisition of Life Technologies

Thermo Fisher acquires Life Tech

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Life Technologies Corporation for $76.13 in cash per fully diluted common share, or approximately $13.6 billion, plus the assumption of $1.5 billion in net debt. The completion of the transaction follows the receipt of all required regulatory approvals. 

WHO's agency predicts annual cancer cases will rise 57%

Tumor cell multistage process

The WHO's cancer agency predicts that annual cancer cases will rise 57% (from 14 million to 22 million) within the next two decades. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012.

Serotonin receptor structure determined


The structure of a brain molecule regulating mood and appetite has been determined by a team led by Scripps Research Institute scientists.

Orexigen gets anti-obesity drug decision


Orexigen Therapeutics said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set June 10 as the deadline for a decision on whether to approve its weight loss drug, Contrave.

The Modified Vinblastine Is Even Better Than The Original

vinblastine, vincristine chemical structure, madagascar periwinkle

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Create Extremely Potent and Improved New Derivatives of Successful Anticancer Drug

LA JOLLA, CA-September 16, 2013
-Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute(TSRI) have found a way to make dramatic improvements to the cancer cell-killing power of vinblastine, one of the most successful chemotherapy drugs of the past few decades. The team's modified versions of vinblastine showed 10 to 200 times greater potency than the clinical drug. Even more significantly, these new compounds overcome the drug resistance that emerges upon treatment relapse, which renders continued of subsequent vinblastine treatment ineffective in some patients.

The TSRI researchers expect that similar modifications will boost the effectiveness of vincristine, a closely related drug that is commonly used against childhood leukemias and Hodgkin's disease.

Alternative Anticancer Drug Encourages The Immune System To FIGHT!

describe the image

The investigational antibody lambrolizumab (formerly known as MK-3475) demonstrated significant antitumor activity and good response rates as well as a tolerable toxicity profile in patients with melanoma, according to the results of an ongoing phase IB expansion study presented at the 2013 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Is it possible for Antibodies to turn Stem Cells into Immune Cells?

stem cell antibodies

Richard A. Lerner made his scientific reputation by unraveling novel characteristics and uses of antibodies, helping invent new tools in the process. Upon stepping down as president of The Scripps Research Institute at the beginning of 2012, Lerner didn't walk out the building with a golden test tube or petri dish. The self-proclaimed lab rat continued his work on his great scientific love, and has contributed to a remarkable series of papers of antibodies establishing their virtuosity in various cellular processes.

Is the war against cancer winnable?

Phil Sharp, Geneticist from MIT

Nobelist on Scripps board sees gains in treatment, understanding



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